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An engaging multi-site experience for the gifting brands of operates six monthly gift clubs including Microbrewed Beer, International Wine, Gourmet Cheese, Gourmet Chocolate, Premium Cigar and Fresh-Cut Flower of the Month Clubs. They search the world for hard-to-find, hand crafted quality products, so their customers can delight family and friends with unusual, high quality, recurring gifts.

Every selection in each of the six clubs is chosen by product panels comprised of that industry's experts.'s customers and gift recipients enjoy the anticipation of the next month's selections, the explorative nature of the service and the experience of tasting international wine selections, craft-brewed beers, premium chocolates, hand-rolled cigars and artisanal cheeses.

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Understanding The Need

Forward Momentum

Website sales were growing. The company knew that in order to make the most of that momentum, the sites should utilize a more robust platform, with a customized architecture and brand that spoke to their customers.'s e-commerce team also needed a more effective way to manage the sites and convert browsers to buyers. They wanted a solution that would give their customers a better shopping experience, the ability to order products from a single site or to combine selections from multiple sites into one order.

"As our online revenues continued to climb," said Kris Calef, president of, "we knew we needed an e-commerce partner that had strong design capability as well as superior technical development expertise. That led us to Perficient."

Kris Calef — Founder and President of's Six Brands, One Seamless Price

Six Brands, One Seamless Price

Multi-Site Mastery

Perficient's extensive experience with multi-site development led them to craft a unique solution for They designed each of the six sites with a custom look and feel just right for that product line, with site administration in the e-commerce engine that can be performed by non-technical business users from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Serving as a kind of "portal" to the six individual sites, a beautifully designed page at gives shoppers a branded point of entry that introduces the rich and engaging experience they'll find on each product club site.

Shop with a Gift List

Design Your Own Club

Perficient also revamped the program allowing shoppers to easily combine any or all of the six clubs into one membership and choose unique schedule and product combinations. A new name – Design Your Own Club – and a new design featuring a highly customized interface, delivered better conversion for the club, serving to some extent like an additional product line or extension.

"Perficient took a very complex, highly flexible ordering process and simplified it to the point where anyone can now easily create a personalized gift membership," said Calef about the club.

Post Launch Expertise

Making the Most of Momentum has relied on Perficient's consulting, marketing and managed hosting services since launch to align the expertise for all their marketing channels – traditional, digital, e-commerce – under one roof.

To ensure that the sites perform flawlessly, Perficient's managed hosting team provides around-the-clock support and uses performance monitoring tools from New Relic. With this innovative application performance management solution, Perficient can monitor the sites and proactively address any issues. Fixes can be made in minutes, freeing up time for site enhancements that engage customers and generate revenue. For retailers like, where holiday season sales are make-or-break, this peace of mind is priceless.

To keep online sales momentum going year over year, Perficient provides SEO and SEM expertise as well as multivariate testing efforts for

"With the power of multivariate testing MonthlyClubs has already seen an 8% lift in average order value, within an already successful continuity program."

Judy Foster, Executive Creative Director, Perficient Digital Commerce

Testing Services

A/B tests With Revenue Results understands the importance of testing new ideas to keep their sites fresh and up to date. They work with Perficient to conduct A/B tests to determine the conversion strength of alternative page designs. For example, tests for the Rare Beer Club, one of their best known options, proved that product-as-hero photography used above the fold performed better than pages with thumbnail images and detailed product copy. Showcasing this premium product offering also reinforces the company's growing brand reputation.

SEO Services

Strong Search Drives Strong Sales's sites enjoyed very strong search engine visibility prior to the new site builds, consistently ranking among the top three results for their key terms. More important, shopping that originates from those searches drives a majority of their revenue so sustaining those results was a critical piece of the launch plan.

The search marketing team at Perficient developed a comprehensive strategy leveraging 301 redirects, canonicalization and URL rewrites to ensure search engine marketing success. While it's typical for retailers to see a dip post-launch,'s six sites maintained positive search rankings.

Solid Results Across Six Sites

A combination of well-designed and easy-to-manage sites, unique features like Design Your Own Club, consistently reliable performance, and e-commerce marketing efforts that continually improve and enhance their online presence has proven very successful for

The company saw its three biggest sales days on record during holiday 2012 and that season's sales were up 19% over 2011. Their bounce rates are down and both time-on-site and conversion rates are up. Best of all, they're seeing the biggest gains on the higher margin sites and ROI projections for 18 months from launch on are track.

The best results of all are successful businesses and satisfied clients. is proving to be just that kind of client for Perficient.

24% Increasein visitors from the
previous year

18% MoreTransactions than the
previous year

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